Selettore Tabs

A cool and flashy tabs section for DMS!!

Creating beautiful tabs with customizable animated content.
Selettore Tabs is a "must have" section builded it using the latest DMS's improvements yopu can navigate through the content in a ease way using a beatiful transition effect. No more Custom Post Types, edit the content right in the page thanks to the DMS's live editing.
Responsive & Retina Ready

Responsive Design & Retina Ready

It looks good in small, medium and wide screens.
Responsive all the way, ready for phones tablets, any screen size any device.
Font Awesome integration

Font Awesome integration

Looks awesome at any size, from hd to mobile.
Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
Layout ready to go..

Content layout built-in...

Just type the content in the fields and Selettore tabs will do the rest

Please add some content, this field accepts HTML, this is a sample link PageLines

Page selector for content

The custom layout is not enough?

You can use any content page

With the WordPress editor power, you can use any shortchode, any content , anything that you can use in a page.

This example use the amazing Bad Ass Shortcodes Plugin for DMS created by Nick Haskins.

Basically any content that you can add in a page you can use it in a Selettore Tabs, cool eh?

Responsive & Retina Ready

Do i said that yet? ok, it’s just to show you a little more what Selettore Tabs can do.

Font Awesome

Do i said that yet? ok, it’s just to show you a little more what Selettore Tabs can do.

Beautiful design

Do i said that yet? ok, it’s just to show you a little more what Selettore Tabs can do.

Another Content Page

Hi this is another content loaded using a page.

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